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Hello #WordPress and #WordPressExperts. I have a question. I am trying to always use the latest version of WordPress, the theme released with the latest version, and the block editor. I am trying to use #Microformats in most posts so that they are consumed correctly for things like RSVP’s, posting to Mastodon through, commenting on another blog through #webmentions. My question is this: I have copied blocks from one post to another and this works. I have tried using a plugin to copy a new draft of a post that functioned properly and this works. I have tried reusable blocks and then converting to blocks and it works. But that doesn’t seem to be the best way. What is the non-developers best way to have a template for each thing that I want to do (RSVP, Bookmark, etc.) without installing another plugin? I do have and have considered the concept of custom fields. I just don’t know enough about them yet.

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  1. @tmichellemoore Look into “block patterns”.

  2. @tmichellemoore Some time ago I found this article, you might be interested:Section “Implementing Structured Data Using JSON-LD”
    What is Schema Markup (And How Do You Add It to WordPress)?

  3. @m0bi13 That is a little over my implementation ability. lol I understand the concept. And I think the article is giving me the idea that an implementation tool might help. I skimmed quickly but will read it more carefully later to see if I can incorporate some aspects. Thank you!

  4. @otto42 I have seen those block patterns. It always seemed like you have to publish them to the site to put them in place. I would love to do that, it’s just that I don’t know if they will all work yet. 😃 Can you implement patterns for your own site without sharing them with the world? I will read up more them.

  5. @otto42 Are block patterns and patterns ( the same thing yet different?

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