Project Journal: IndieWeb Project: Webmentions

Continuing with the progress on my IndieWeb website project, I succeeded in replying to a Mastodon Post from my website.

Day 7 of 100 #100DaysofIndieWeb, #IndieWeb, #ProjectJournal, #ProjectManagement

This project, at times, is a little complicated. Based on my assumptions that I will not use the WordPress Classic Editor and will use Gutenberg and the Block editor, and the default theme, it has made it such that I can’t use a couple of the plugins that might have made this more straightforward. I also wanted to try to use the WordPress blocks to accomplish this.

I succeeded in replying to this post. To do so I used a combination of blocks and HTML in a Custom HTML block. Ideally, I would have been able to add a class to each block and avoid the HTML. But I think that this compromise is a practical solution.

I have placed the classes on groups (divs) and placed the posts URL and class in the custom HTML. Screenshot below.

The result was a reply that was posted to Mastodon with the assistance of by Ryan Barrett. Ryan has answered a lot of questions along the way.

There are multiple resources that helped with finding out how to do this.

This was part of the plan but I was inspired today because of Tantek Çelik’s post on the six year anniversary of Webmentions.


(I will replace this photo with a marked up screenshot eventually.)

WordPress Block Editor


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