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  • Career and Technology Education

    As a previous Career and Technology Education High School teacher, I say yes on encouraging students to take advantage of the opportunities. From learning network administration or computer repair, which I taught, to the Cisco Networking Academy, to culinary arts, cosmetology, boat repair, auto repair, HVAC, construction, Nursing assisting, dental assisting, drafting, and welding, there…

  • WordPress Friends Plugin and Why I Don’t Want the Added Users

    This post contains my thoughts on the Friends plugin for WordPress in which I asked about the users that are created. Hello Alex, Thank you for your reply to my question regarding the Friends plugin. First just let me say that you have created an awesome plugin. I am sure that my lack of…

  • Wilmer Park, Chestertown, MD

    Wilmer Park, Chestertown, MD, 2023-05-06

    Today’s skies were so beautiful! Today’s excursion took us to Chestertown. The skies were beautiful and Wilmer Park was nice as it always is. It is a simple park with a playground, pavilion, and walkway along the water. I think I like it because the water makes it a very calm location. Pictures of our…

  • Sketchbook

    Bookbinding a Sketchbook with Stitched Single Pages

    I decided that I wanted a sketchbook for my watercolor painting. In deciding which one to buy I ran across a video on bookbinding. And decided to make my own. At first I tried the perfect binding by using glue to bind single sheets. I suspect I didn’t layer on enough glue. I then looked…

  • 2023.04.30 Change Management Foundations – LinkedIn Learning

    Course Link

  • Test In Reply To Webmention

    This is a test of a comment/reply.

  • IndieWeb Plugin Testing and Suggestions Project – Webmention

    IndieWeb Plugin Testing and Suggestions Project – Webmention

    My testing and suggestions for the Webmention plugin are located here. I used the Webmention Rocks! test suite for this testing. Day 32 of #100DaysofIndieWeb, #IndieWeb, #ProjectJournal ID Plugin Name or Reference Page Category Short Description/Feature Test Steps Results Comments\Suggestions\Descriptions 1 Webmention Authors Matthias Pfefferle, David Shanske 2 Webmention Background Information 3 Webmention Background Information…

  • Flat Wash

    Watercolor Painting Course – Laying a Flat Wash – Wet on Wet

    The first practice in the Reader’s Digest Ultimate #Watercolor Course is to lay a flat wash using the wet on wet technique. To start, you paint clear water on the paper and then paint using wet paint. In this example I have painted one color down the page. I tilted the page so that the…

  • Ultimate Watercolor Course Book Cover

    Learning to Watercolor Paint – The Ultimate Watercolor Course by Reader’s Digest

    I decided that I wanted to learn how to watercolor paint a few months ago. In that time I have listened to a lot of YouTube tutorials and practiced some. But I felt that I needed a little more structure and a YouTuber, Kris DeBruine, recommended “The Ultimate Watercolor Course” from Reader’s Digest. I decided…