BridgyFed Setup Part 1 – Website and Profile Setup

BridgyFed Setup Part 1 – Website and Profile Setup

One of the things that I would like to accomplish is federation of my WordPress website to other websites such as Mastodon and one day Bluesky. I have experimented with BridgyFed and ActivityPub before and thought I would try again with BridgyFed. (Ryan Barrett) has mentioned that it will support AT Protocol one day.


My steps included the ones below.

Part 2 will be figuring out how to get the posts to show up. It worked for a while and then stopped so that will be Part 2.


Setting up BridgyFed Part 1 – I started the setup of BridgyFed so that I can federate my website using BridgyFed. Read More >

This is post 2 of #100Posts #100Days of my 2024 #100DaysofIndieWeb #IndieWeb project.


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