IndieWeb: WordPress RSVP Using Blocks

IndieWeb: WordPress RSVP Using Blocks

I have been working on ways to use the native WordPress block with classes to produce content that has the appropriate microformat classes. I was successfully in submitting an RSVP with one exception, the image does not seem to want to work properly. I am still becoming conversant in the language of microformats and still learning about them.



I looked at a lot of examples to see what the correct HTML content would be for an RSVP.

HTML Setup

I tested the basic format from the site using a custom html block and my information.

  • Event URL:
  • My URL
  • My photo URL

The RSVP appeared on the event with the photo.

Block Setup

I then setup group blocks and individual blocks for each of the components. This took a little tinkering.

WordPress post entry with blocks and classes applied to blocks representing microforms classes.

View of Post

Preview of the RSVP post. Validator Confirming the Classes Are Correct

Validator showing the the entry is correct. Excludes the Author photo.


The RSVP appeared but my photo does not appear. I am not sure why and will have to continue to troubleshoot this. Not that I want my photo all over the place, I just want to fix it.

RSVP Displayed on Event


  • I still need to learn the proper structure of the micro formats and need to learn proper nesting of tags.
  • I need to make research how I can get the words RSVP Yes To on one line. I saw span tags used in some examples, but don’t have native span blocks in WordPress. I can probably use a row block, but didn’t really like the way that looked.
  • I believe the Webmentions plug-in is providing the foundation for this function and as soon as I confirm that I will update this post.
  • I like having the ability to RSVP on my website website for websites that support this functionality.

IndieWeb: WordPress RSVP Using Blocks





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