IndieWeb Plugin Testing and Suggestions Project – Webmention

My testing and suggestions for the Webmention plugin are located here. I used the Webmention Rocks! test suite for this testing.

Day 32 of #100DaysofIndieWeb, #IndieWeb, #ProjectJournal

IDPlugin Name or Reference PageCategoryShort Description/FeatureTest StepsResultsComments\Suggestions\Descriptions
1WebmentionAuthorsMatthias Pfefferle, David Shanske
2WebmentionBackground Information
3WebmentionBackground Information
4WebmentionWebmention Test Suite
5WebmentionDescriptions (IndieWeb)“The WordPress Webmention Plugin is a WordPress plugin that adds webmention support to WordPress. … Incoming webmentions are added as comments to the original post and webmentions are sent when a post is published/updated.”
6WebmentionDescriptionAdds Webmention sending support so you can use your blog to reply to posts on other blogs!
7WebmentionSuggestionWould it be good to add instructions on suggestions of How to test ( and how to comment on a post) early in the WordPress plugin description? 
8WebmentionDescription (IndieWeb Extensions Page)“1. Install and activate the Webmentions and Semantic Linkbacks plugins. These will allow you to receive responses such as replies, likes, etc from other IndieWeb sites. You can configure it in the Webmention Settings | Enable conversation across the web. When you link to a website you can send it a webmention to notify it and then that website may display your post a …”
9WebmentionDescriptions (“A Webmention is a notification that one URL links to another. Sending a Webmention is not limited to blog posts, and can be used for additional kinds of content and responses as well.

For example, a response can be an RSVP to an event, an indication that someone “likes” another post, a “bookmark” of another post, and many others. Webmention enables these interactions to happen across different websites, enabling a distributed social web.

The Webmention plugin supports the webmention protocol, giving you support for sending and receiving webmentions. It offers a simple built in presentation. To further enhance the presentation, you can install Semantic Linkbacks.”
10WebmentionDescription (GitHub)“A Webmention plugin for WordPress”
11WebmentionSettingsIndieWeb > WebmentionThe settings page appears.Would it be good to add a little more verbiage to explain the Receiver and Display settings?
12WebmentionSuggestionIn the setup instructions, have the user setup a Comments page that can be used for comments on pages.
13WebmentionSettingsTools > WebmentionThe settings page appears.This setting will let you setup a source and target for “Webmention Parsing Debugger – This tests the parsing of an incoming webmention to show what information is available to produce a rich commen”
14WebmentionSuggestionWould it be good to have the settings menu and the parsing debugger menu in the same menu  item instead of separate menus?
15WebmentionSuggestionA small typo is on that page at the end of the sentence – the period is missing.
16WebmentionSuggestionThe Webmention Parsing Debugger is probably something I won’t use, but I would like to understand what it is. Would it be good to add more explanatory text?
17WebmentionFeatureallow support for webmentionsI am using this post to test this may be updated a few times to obtain the results.
18WebmentionFeaturesend and receive comments, likes, reposts, and other kinds of post responses using your own siteInfo only.
19WebmentionFeatureSend comments to another site.Navigated to and used the link for “Discovery Test #1 – HTTP Link header, unquoted rel, relative URL”. Added the URL to this post.Pass: The comments appears on the Webmention.Rocks website.
20WebmentionFeatureReceive comment on your site. Allow comments on others’ sites to show up as comments on your posts.Used the following two tests on Webmention Rocks! Receiver Test #1 – Accepts valid Webmention request
Receiver Test #2 – Validates source and target URLs
Pass: Tests passed and I have previously received comments.
21WebmentionFeatureSend RSVPRSVP to an Event (Details coming!)Pass: I have previously been able to send an RSVP.
Webmention Table

Testing Using Webmention Rocks!

Test 1 Test 2 Test 3 Test 4 Test 5 Test 6 Test 7 Test 8 Test 9 Test 10 Test 11 Test 12 Test 13 Test 14 Test 15 Test 16 Test 17 Test 18 Test 19 Test 20 Test 21 Test 22 Test 23



One response to “IndieWeb Plugin Testing and Suggestions Project – Webmention”

  1. This test verifies that you accept a Webmention request that contains a valid source and target URL. To pass this test, your Webmention endpoint must return either HTTP 200, 201 or 202 along with the appropriate headers.
    If your endpoint returns HTTP 201, then it MUST also return a Location header. If it returns HTTP 200 or 202, then it MUST NOT include a Location header.

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