Watercolor Painting Course – Laying a Flat Wash – Wet on Wet

Flat Wash

The first practice in the Reader’s Digest Ultimate #Watercolor Course is to lay a flat wash using the wet on wet technique.

To start, you paint clear water on the paper and then paint using wet paint. In this example I have painted one color down the page. I tilted the page so that the paint could run down the page.

At first I was trying to paint this by painting side to side on a flat surface. I then saw a few videos on this topic and learned that you had to tilt the page. And you must keep the bead of watercolor paint as you move down the page. In general you move from one side of the page to the other side and don’t reverse course. Such a simple thing.

I was definitely a little hesitant to use all of that water and all of the paint required to do this.


M J Forester – How to Lay a Flat Watercolor Wash
Joe Cartwright – Painting a Flat Wash in Watercolor

My One Color Wet on Wet Painting.

I definitely need practice for a smoother wash.


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