What is Social Learning? #TK10PRE #TK10

What is Social Learning? #TK10PRE #TK10

It is Web 2.0 applied to learning and performance support.

  • Web 2.0 Characteristics
  • Read/Write Web
  • Users can contribute stuff back to a website
  • Emphasis on peer to peer connections
  • Not just organizations and content
  • Information can be reused and repurposed

Social (Any experience where being part of a collective adds value)

+ Learning  (Any knowledge acquisition that imporves performance)

= Social Learning (harnessing the ‘wisdone of the crowd’ to provide the opportunity for learning or performance improvement)

It is a learning intervention that can solve problems in the enterprise. Business problems can be solved.

It is broader than a learning path. Learners are looking for a richer experience.

What Social learning is not:

  • Not just social media (YouTube, etc)
  • Not just social networking (Facebook)
  • They may be components but the emphasis on social learning is on the learning and performance.

Formal vs. Informal Learning

Informal is subdivided into performance support, social learning, and embedded learning.

We are focusing on social learning.


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