Examples of Social Learning #TK10PRE #TK10 from Intrepid.com Presenter

Examples of Social Learning #TK10PRE #TK10 from Intrepid.com Presenter


  • Employee community
  • Tools built internally
  • Profile
  • Q & A
  • Smarts
  • People
  • Blogs

Sun Learning Exchange

  • Users can generate their own content and upload it to the Sun Learning Exchange
  • User’s can rate content and search through it
  • Could be slides shows about products and roles in the company, intiatives in the HR group
  • It is a way to make content available from the whole organization in one place
  • The users sort through what is usable and what is not


  • Built on a commecially available tool (Jive Platform)
  • Developed by Intrepid to help with instructor led training
  • Blogging
  • Expert locators
  • Discussions
  • People finders
  • Around topics related to Management Development
  • People can ask questions and get input from their peers
  • Formal learning is integrated through course materials and slides
  • People can post their status (what are they working on)






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