Project Journal: Requirements Gathering

In some of my experiences I have hosted requirements gathering workshops where the subject matter experts (SMEs), business analysts (BA), and developers meet to discuss the AS-IS and TO-BE of a project. For the best experience the SMEs will provide, days prior to the meeting, a high level process flow, the inputs, the process, the outputs, training documentation, reference guides. The BA, prior to the meeting, will study these assets and ideally create a list of questions to ask during the workshops. And multiple people will take notes. Is this how it works in your world? Day 21 of 100 #100DaysofIndieWeb, #IndieWeb, #ProjectJournal, #ProjectManagement #WordPress #BusinessAnalysis #Requirements

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  2. @tmichellemoore that is certainly the traditional bottom-up type approach. But I would assume there was a much higher level business architecture (current/to be) and business objectives definition session which the details will trace back to? There is also the risk of losing the impacted users in such deep dives so keeping them in the center of the process can be challenging.

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