Project Journal: IndieWeb Webmentions: Planning – Learning Day 3

Today, I have read up to Articles on the Webmention page. If you are a developer there are many ways for you to implement Webmentions. If you are not a developer, you are not left out. There are plugins or website that provide the functionality. On this WordPress site, I use the Webmention plug-in by Matthias Pfefferle and David Shanske. Both have helped me with questions in the chat. I will finish reading this page tomorrow and will read some of the article that are linked to. Still next up is the Webmention-Developer page on the website. This is under the task to:

  • Learn About Webmentions a Little More Deeply.

Day 12 of 100 #100DaysofIndieWeb, #IndieWeb, #ProjectJournal, #WordPress





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