Project Journal: IndieWeb Project Progress


I have been working on a project to embrace IndieWeb concepts on my website. This started during the time of the Twitter exodus. During that time I discovered Mastodon and then discovered the IndieWeb and

Day 5 of 100

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Progress So Far


I have made a lot of progress. This morning I was able to syndicate to Mastodon using This was something I could not do because of an issue but it worked this morning publishing to Mastodon via Webmentions.

I have also been able to publish to Twitter and GitHub using I have also received Webmentions such as comments and likes on posts.


I have setup classes on blocks to to represent the microformat classes.

Next Steps

Now that the infrastructure all works, I need to learn more about how it really works and little more background and history. To learn some of this background I have participated in the IndieWeb Homebrew meetups and have many articles to read.

Link: Project Journal: IndieWeb Project Progress

Project Journal: IndieWeb Project Progress


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