Patuxent Research Refuge – North Tract, Laurel, MD, 2022-12-14

Patuxent Research Refuge – North Tract, Laurel, MD, 2022-12-14

We ran into an opossum at the refuge. I thought it was cute, but my friend does not agree with me due to the fact that apparently they are a nuisance around near her house. I am not saying that I want it for a pet. 🙂


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  1. @tmichellemoore opossum friends are friends!

  2. @LOLRH1 That is so awesome! Believe me, I was watching him because I was wondering about any danger they might present. Thank you for this!

  3. @imaginaryterrain — Opossum fandom is growing!

  4. @tmichellemoore no charge. The opossum community thanks you for this opportunity to set the record straight.

  5. @tmichellemoore Well ME agrees that they can be *scary* bc of their nasty sharp teeth. Don’t mess with them! 🙀 But ME LOVEs Marsupials

  6. @kahyrn Who knew there was so much info out there on opposums! I will read the article. Thank you!!

  7. @tmichellemoore If possums in Maryland are like the ones here in Oregon, they will cheerfully eat all the slugs in your garden. You might pass this info on to your friend.

  8. @tmichellemoore What is most intriguing is how SO Many marsupials are in Australia…not so many in other places.Must be something evolutionary about that type of gestation/nurturing for those species.

  9. @sarahc I will tell her! Thank you! 😊

  10. @kahyrn We visit this location a lot and I believe I have seen the scull of one before, but not a live one.

  11. @tmichellemoore AH then U would have noted that long, slender jaw with loads of very sharp pointy mean looking teeth!

  12. @kahyrn I am going to find that picture, compare it to this one, and post it. It will take me a few days to find. If I am remembering correctly, it looked like that. ☹️


  14. @TonyCava They are very cute!

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