IndieWeb Plugin Testing and Suggestions Project – Planning

Here is my plan for testing the IndieWeb plugins.

Day 31 of #100DaysofIndieWeb, #IndieWeb, #ProjectJournal

The Purpose

Testing and Offering Suggestions on the IndieWeb Plugins. One of the plugin authors said that he wished he had a volunteer to help test the plugins. I volunteered. I had to think about how to do this and the steps are below.

The Scope

The scope includes all plugins on the IndieWeb plugin plugins page that don’t require a classic theme.


  • A block theme and not a classic theme will be used.
  • Some plugins won’t be tested because of the use of a block theme.

The Plan

  • List the Plugins. (Name, descriptions, link, link, and GitHub link)
  • Pull the descriptions from the IndieWeb plugin interface.
  • Pull the descriptions from the plugin page on
  • Pull the description from
  • List the features based on the description.
  • View the plugins settings page to try to identify the feature through the settings.
  • Test the plugin by performing an action related to the features list and record the results.
  • Record the test results.
  • Record my suggestions.
  • Put it in a blog post.
  • Post negative results on the plugin’s GitHub page, if I see an error.
  • Let David S. know in the IndieWeb WordPress Slack channel.


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