Howard Community College, Columbia, MD, 2023-01-01

Howard Community College, Columbia, MD, 2023-01-01

Howard Community College has a beautiful campus with a trail that circles two ponds, the track, a garden, and a grove of trees which includes one of my favorite trees. A building is under construction and the cement mixers were blocking my view! The tree has also had a limb break off, so I was keeping my distance.

Howard Community College,, 10901 Little Patuxent Parkway
Columbia, MD 21044.

Published: 1/4/2023. Post Dated: 1/1/2023 to maintain my Photo Journal order.





6 responses to “Howard Community College, Columbia, MD, 2023-01-01”

  1. Gerión Avatar

    @tmichellemoore Una fotografía muy bonita, los árboles en invierno tienen un encanto especial.

  2. DrD Avatar

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  3. George Dinwiddie Avatar

    @tmichellemoore Is that the state champion American Beech in that photo? (I haven’t been on HCC campus in decades.)

  4. Michelle Moore Avatar

    @gdinwiddie Yes! That is the American Beech! BT-2434 in this list – I take a picture of it almost every time that we walk there. One of the limbs broke a few months ago.
    Tree Listings | MDBT

  5. Michelle Moore Avatar

    @Gerionferraris I totally agree! I think the trees in spring and summer are beautiful also, but not very photogenic.:-)

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