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  • Brid.gy Webmention Commenter’s Name, Photo, and URL are Incorrect

    Brid.gy Webmention Commenter’s Name, Photo, and URL are Incorrect Hello @snarfed! I was checking my comments and something seems a little off. All of the comments are referencing a Brid.gy link today.I don’t remember this being like this before. The screenshot has 3 likes. The first comment was me liking the Mastodon post using my…

  • Fed.Brid.gy Time Stamp is Incorrect

    Incorrect Fed.Brid.gy Time Stamp @snarfed, I was experimenting with classes and publishing to Mastodon with Brid.gy and Fed.Brid.gy this morning and noticed that the time stamp seems to be incorrect on the Fed.Brid.gy posts. When I published the same post at the same time and then checked: the Brid.gy post indicated it was published 21…

  • Different Presentation on Brid.gy vs Fed.Brid.gy

    Different Formatting on Brid.gy vs Fed.Brid.gy Hello @snarfed. I am still experimenting with BridyFed and used both Brid.gy and Fed.Brid.gy to post a post today. I noticed something that I thought I should report. The formatting was different. It was correct using BridgyFed but looked a little off on Brid.gy (https://mastodon.social/@tmichellemoore/109698953522071024). Regarding comment on #351:

  • In Reply to @snarfed Github post on: follow/unfollow UI? #351

    Regarding comment on #351: @snarfed, I like the follow feature. I tested it with two users, you and another. I was successful following you. On following the second user, it made me authenticate again and when I did so I received this error: Bad Request, IndieAuth verification failed: 400 {“error”:”invalid_grant”,”error_description”:”Invalid authorization code”}| I had not…

  • In Reply to @dshanske Github post on: Webmentions on Custom Post Types #346

    Regarding comment on #346: Thank you @dshanske for diagnosing this custom post type issue. I will not give up on them now!