Fed.Brid.gy Time Stamp is Incorrect

Incorrect Fed.Brid.gy Time Stamp

@snarfed, I was experimenting with classes and publishing to Mastodon with Brid.gy and Fed.Brid.gy this morning and noticed that the time stamp seems to be incorrect on the Fed.Brid.gy posts. When I published the same post at the same time and then checked: the Brid.gy post indicated it was published 21 seconds ago; the Fed.Brid.gy post indicated it was published 5 hours ago. Screenshot below.

Mastodon Screenshot

1/25/2023 Per Ryan Barrett I need to add the time zone.

 based on the Bridgy Fed log, it was using the dt-published element in your HTML, which had value Jan 25, 2023 5:14 AM, which has no time zone. Bridgy doesn’t send that timestamp, but Bridgy Fed does, and it looks like Mastodon interpreted it as being in UTC, instead of your local time zone, which it doesn’t know. Hence the 5h difference.

Adding a time zone should fix this! Also technically dt-published values should be ISO8601 format instead, which would help here. You could do that in the value attribute while still keeping the existing text as is.

Ryan Barrett – https://github.com/snarfed/bridgy-fed/issues/385#issuecomment-1403841515






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