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I have seen two opinions (1-need desperately, 2-don’t need due to harassment) on #quote_tweets / #quote_posts / #quote_toots on #Mastodon. I had to lookup what the negative issues surrounding quote tweets might be and found an article that explains this – “Private quote tweets are the latest way trolls are targeting people for harassment” – https://www.dailydot.com/debug/twitter-private-quote-tweets-abuse/. Can’t we all just treat each other as we would want to be treated?


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  1. @tmichellemoore Quote toots are posible on other #Fediverse apps. Each fediverse app has their own quote characteristics. Also donating to #mastodon developer could bring the quote capability that this app needs/wants in the future.

  2. @Twitter_expat Thank you! Which other apps allow this? Good point about donating the Mastodon developer!

  3. @tmichellemoore I recommend you read all the toots that @atomicpoet has made of the past few days. He explains it. I know the #fediverse is something new and different and it takes time understanding it. The developer of #Mastodon is @Gargron but I have no idea how his donations/request works. You should go to Mastodon GitHub page to see there the amount of requests for this app. He is the sole developer so each change takes time. In his Mastodon page hi has his patreon info.

  4. @tmichellemoore @Twitter_expat Here’s some apps that allow quote boosting:1. Misskey or Calckey2. Akkoma3. FriendicaThe beauty of the Fediverse is that you’re not locked into one app. Mastodon is just one app.

  5. @atomicpoet @tmichellemoore @Twitter_expat I just wish people are willing to sit together and solve this quoting issue once and for all, make it feature in a standardized waysome people want zero friction on their post, some others maximal friction, most of us are in between those two and that’s okay, people have different pov about qt feature, some people think maximizing reach can help their works (like journalists, artists), some others have privacy/security concern, and it’s all valid

  6. @tsetiady @tmichellemoore @Twitter_expat It will never work in a standardized way. The Fediverse is bigger than microblogging. Apps have wildly different aims a s needs.

  7. @atomicpoet @tmichellemoore @Twitter_expat this will get more interesting next year when big platform like tumblr, bring their own version of Quoting into fediverse (which is nice since the comment displayed on the bottom) @Gargron can’t fight the wave, QT definitely has demands from users, and there already instances/clients supplying this feature, the best way is just to make it a standard in mastodon

  8. @tsetiady @atomicpoet @tmichellemoore It took me a bit but I understood the #Fediverse . Maybe because I’ve been using other open source software professionally. The code is there. The journalist should develop their own fediverse app and host it in their own servers. They haven’t understood that, They are waiting for someone else to deliver their needs. I find it amazing that here in open source fediverse you can create your own stuff.

  9. @tsetiady @tmichellemoore @Twitter_expat Again, QTs already exist. You can use them right now. If they’re absolutely critical, you can migrate your Mastodon account to a Calckey instance and QT to your heart’s content. I bet you that you’ll find little substantial difference between Mastodon and Calckey beyond Calckey having extra features and a prettier UI.

  10. @Twitter_expat @tsetiady @atomicpoet Good point! With the resources that they have, and I do understand that news organizations have been under financial constraints, they should setup their own servers as you suggest. Or maybe an association could do it…

  11. @tmichellemoore it’s really cool that you did research. On Mastodon, there are several online harassment experts that are talking about this, and most do not favour QTs.

  12. @liztai Hello! I just wanted to understand why there were such divergent opinions because I saw a reporter sort of saying that if Mastodon doesn’t get them, it won’t succeed. But then also saw the emotion behind not wanting them. I was just seeking to understand.

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