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check everywhere for cleaning-related products— big cleaning closet, counter tops, under sinks, over sinks, in broom closets, and laundry areas.
Over five dozen different types of cleaning-related products show up in the house.

Regina Ryerson

Regina, This article was very interesting and seemed like a very huge job based on your descriptions and your photos. We use some of the natural products that you moved the family to. I am sorry that the family lost TWO pets. It seems very coincidental that everyone including the pets had various health issues.


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  1. Thanks, Michelle.

    Are the non-toxic products working for you overall? Are you finding tools that help?

    The transition looked so simple initially, no more than 3 months. But life happened in the home as I talk about in my post— mainly, turnover in the help, the remodel, the sick pets.

    Transitioning in a hurry! To new products, tools, techniques. Then to new surfaces, fixtures, finishes, appliances arriving with the remodel— involving constant researching and field-testing. All throughout, the homeowner bringing in ever-new “green” products for me to research and field-test too.

    How to bleach effectively without chlorine? How to clean up pet accidents on white furnishings (upholstery, bedding, rugs) all over the house, on walls too?

    I needed one instant source of field-tested pro advice. But no, that’s scattered all over the Internet and expensive online courses. So I’ll have to write the book I needed so urgently.

    Fortunately I photo-documented all my processes. Hope to blog what’s helpful for others! And bring in many more experts.

    Awesome to see your response from Webmentions! To see it work in action. I will delve into it, and use it asap.

  2. @tmichellemoore Yes, at this job I field-tested widely-avail products, the least-toxic that work. Also hand soaps, candles and more. At home we use pure plant-based castile soap. But at this house, non-toxic detergents due to grease. If anyone knows an effective detergent-free grease cutter, pipe up!Meanwhile that post will undergo a big re-edit!

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