I am starting to think about the professional development and certifications I might want to complete in 2023. I had considered “The Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) is the leading system for scaling agile, trusted by thousands of enterprises.” But every time I read about it or look at the diagram for it I wonder how would one remember all of that. So today I logged into LinkedIn and when there was post that stated this, 

SAFe is sold as a silver bullet by con men to naive executives that are led to believe that it will help them be agile. It will not.

There is a reason that not a single successful commercial software organisation uses SAFe.Source: Martin Hinshelwood, 11/2/2022

Needless to say, it peaked my interest. I am going to read his information. He has a whole website dedicated to the thesis that SAFe is a delusion –

If you would like more information on SAFe please see this website –






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