Moved My Blog to WordPress

I spent my  morning setting up a WordPress blog. Its a long story but I moved my photography blog from SquareSpace to WordPress and am trying to learn all of the things you should “really” do to setup WordPress. I have a long way to go and will probably have to redo many of the images in the blog. Thus the reason for the move. I love SquareSpace but the image handling became a little cumbersome. I know it will also be that way in WordPress but at least I will have more options. I have also decided to include 3 additional categories in my blog: learning photography, learning blogging, and photographers. I am learning a lot in all 3 areas and think it would fit nicely with my photography so that you and I can see my growth along the way and the resources or influences that helped.The video below from James Stafford was very helpful. He is also on Twitter. The video takes you from installation, to plugin recommendations, to configuration, and theme customization. I didn’t use all of the recommendations yet, but will investigate over time.


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