Faxing with a Cell Phone

I was asked to help a friend that does not have POTS (plain old telephone service) in their home anymore. They only have a cell phone.

As I first started to research this topic, I found one hit on a product that could be plugged into the cell phone, but when I searched for it again, I couldn’t find it. As I looked for the solution some of the requirements below were what I was looking for.


  • Solution must be very user friendly.
  • Receiving organization will not accept the scanned document in an email.
  • User has a cell phone.
  • User has a smart phone with a camera.
  • User has a scanner.
  • User does not have POTS.
  • User has home internet service.
  • Other Information
    • User had a six page document that I was going to fax at FedEx.
    • User has a HP Officejet 5746 (print, fax, scan, copy, web) but only knows how to use the copy part. When I had a land line, I knew how to use the fax. I do have internet for the TV and my Laptop.


Answers to these questions help determine an appropriate path. I asked the user about the quantity and current costs. because the most reasonable way to fax with no landline is to use your scanner and a fax service. Determining the current cost to the user to fax at FedEx

  • How much are you spending faxing now?
    • TBD
  • How many pages per month?
    • TBD
  • And what is the highest number of faxes pages do you send in a day?
    • TBD
  • How many times per month?
    • No more than once or twice a year.
  • Before I received all of the answers, the user decided that it really wasn’t worth the effort to build a solution.


Options for Scanning

Using the cell phone camera, photograph the pages and use applications such as Microsoft Office to compile a PDF. (Not user friendly.)

Scan the document on the office scanner, save to an accessible location. (User Friendly)

Options for Faxing

There are many faxing services.

  • FedEX
    • This is the option the user uses. User takes the physical files to FedEX and FedEX faxes the document.
    • Also provides fax receipt services.
  • eFax
    • This service, while reliable I am sure, costs way more than the user would need.
  • Fax.Plus
    • During a period where I had to do a LOT of faxing, I signed up for the free FAX.PLUS account. After the free allotment ran out, I signed up for the monthly service.
    • The service is HIPPA compliant.
    • I could pay as I needed it.
    • Even though I paid as I needed it, I did sign up for the Basic Plan during the period where I needed to fax a lot.


Below are a few articles to get started.






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