The Collaboration Overlay Enhancement System is a prototype designed to help answer the question: How might we encourage more purpos eful collaboration among reluctant individual contributors in a workplace striving for change or innovation?

Pre-requisites: The business will have all strategies, business goals, metrics, and projects defined. The organizational structure and roles and responsibilities will be defined.

The administrator would start the process by setting up the system integrations and continue through setting up the reward system. Facilitators would continue on by setting up their agenda connections.

The Project or Functional Manager will configure their meeting by selecting the Projects, Documents, Chat, Meeting Room, File Collaboration and Sharing tools and setting up the recurring invitation.

COESY will generate the following:

  • Participant Agenda
    • Including AI Generated Participant / Collaborator Tips
  • Facilitator Agenda including
    • Project Milestones and Schedule
    • Project Deliverables
    • RAID Log
    • AI Generated Script
    • AI Generated Ice Breakers
    • AI Generated Facilitator Tips
    • Meeting Facilitator Assignment (Rotating Hosts)

Facilitator will Review the Agenda and make changes as needed.

Participants will review the agenda and submit additional topics.

COESY will send collaboration tips to the participants every day until the meeting occurs.

The team will meet and COESY will award points based on participation.

COESY sends a post meeting survey to gauge meeting effectiveness and improvements. The results will be included in the next agenda.

*Question Source: 23 Meeting Effectiveness Survey Questions to Measure Success


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