C&O Canal, Lock 21, Swains Lock, 2023-06-03

C&O Canal, Lock 21, Swains Lock, 2023-06-03

We had an awesome visit to the C&O Canal, Lock 21. During this visit we walked 2 miles, south one mile and back.


The highlight of the walk was seeing an owl and three Great Blue Herons.


We saw multiple turtles.


If I am in a forest, I am going to take a picture of a tree. Actually, I am going to take more tree pictures than anything else.


On this part of the path you can see the Potomac some and then you can see the islands that are between the path and the Potomac. I believe the views will be awesome in the winter months when there is no tree foliage.



The weather was beautiful and it was great to see all of the wildlife. Another beautiful walk.


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  1. Michelle Parker Avatar
    Michelle Parker

    Awesome photography. Amazing eye and talent for capturing what nature has to offer. So powerful, unique and compelling.

    1. Thank you Michelle! That means a lot coming from you!

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