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  • Why oh why do I have to Allow applications to use the Internet every day?

    Why oh why do I have to Allow applications to use the Internet every day?

    This is my second year of using a Mac. And one of THE MOST irritating things is the inability of Norton 360’s to retain or understand that I already check the “Don’t ask again for this application” for all of the same applications multiple, and I mean multiple, times. The support topic and the support…

  • Different Presentation on vs

    Different Formatting on vs Hello @snarfed. I am still experimenting with BridyFed and used both and to post a post today. I noticed something that I thought I should report. The formatting was different. It was correct using BridgyFed but looked a little off on ( Regarding comment on #351:

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2023

    Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the U.S. and I was reading Rev. King’s quotes and picked two that I like which are below and definitely needed at this time in our history. “Make a career of humanity. Commit yourself to the noble struggle for equal rights. You will make a better person…

  • Happy New Year 2023!

    Last year was a good year. In 2023, I hope to:

  • Testing Github 2

    Testing Github 2 Testing Github 2 – Title Does it work?

  • Cape2Rio Yacht Race 2023

    Interesting Cape2Rio Yacht Race ( starts on 1/2/2023. I will be rooting for the Alexforbes #ArchAngel ( captained by a South African herdsman, in his youth. The crew is from marginalized communities. This isn’t something that I usually follow but the captain and crew’s story peeked my interest. Sources:

  • Rocky Mountaineer [Bookmark]

    A train trip on the Rocky Mountaineer ( is now on my bucket list. I guess I better add that bucket list to my website. 🙂

  • Full Rotation of the Moon [Reblog]

    Reblogged on Mastodon 12/27/2022.

  • Quote Tweets

    I have seen two opinions (1-need desperately, 2-don’t need due to harassment) on #quote_tweets / #quote_posts / #quote_toots on #Mastodon. I had to lookup what the negative issues surrounding quote tweets might be and found an article that explains this – “Private quote tweets are the latest way trolls are targeting people for harassment” –…