Business and Dining Etiquette Seminar, 4/12/07


Business and Dining Etiquette Seminar, 4/12/07(I haven’t added all of the details for this post, be back soon.)

On April 12th I attended one more seminar at UMBC on April 12th. This seminar was the Business & Dining Etiquette seminar. It was, what else can I say, excellent. All of the seminars that I attend at UMBC are excellent. This seminar was divided into two parts. The first part was the Networking seminar. The second was the Etiquette seminar.

During the Networking seminar, Ms. Marcia Hall of Reputation Counts ( taught us networking tips. She told us that networking is responsible for 87% of jobs found. This was not surprising to me because I am reading “What Color is My Parachute” and it says the same thing. Ms. Hall taught us how to shake hands, tell what we want to do, and make contacts. (More information to come.)

In the Etiquette seminar, Ms. Carol Haislip, of the International School of Protocol (, taught us how to eat. : – ) We started with obtaining food from the appetizer table and having a conversation while eating those appetizers. We then learned that we must wait for our host to start most activities such as sitting down, eating the main courses, and eating our dessert. We learned about all of the pieces of the place setting and which ones to use for each course. Ms. HaIslip also gave us many bits of history regarding why we have all of these eating utensils, plates, glasses, and cups. The main one responsible for this is Louis XIV. The history of this also resides in how people were trying to show how wealthy they were by how many pieces of silverware they had.

The evening was fun and informative. I will definitely use the tips and instructions that we received.


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