2007.04 MICCA – Social Computing in the Enterprise

I attended the MICCA conference today in Baltimore, MD. I also presented my paper Social Computing in the Enterprise. I have been a member of MICCA on and off since 1998. I have presented three times. I always meet great people and learn a lot.

Social Computing in the Enterprise PowerPoint and References

The keynote speaker today was David Warlick. He told us that in a world of rapid change, we need to teach the students how to teach themselves.  We need to maintain our classrooms as learning engines. We also need to have our own personal learning network. 


Below are some links and books that Mr. Warlick mentioned.

Will Richardson reminded us to model learning for our students. The kids need mocels to show them how to learn, especially in the Read/Write web. Below are some links that Mr. Richardson mentioned.

Davina Pruitt-Mentle  talked about Cyberethics, Cybersecurity, and Cybersafety (C3). This presentation brought out the issues involved with the Read/Write web. Eventually the issues will have to beresolved. Which issues you ask? The security and privacy issues and the desire to let our children experience the Read/Write web as authors and creators of content. Please see Ms. Pruitt-Mentle’s web site for additional information. There are many GREAT resources there for teaching your kids the C3 topics.

I met two nice gentlemen in my session. One of them, Robert owns Virtual Studio. Please check it out at http://www.multimedia206.com. When I described my listening to podcasts on the way to work and back or anytime I am in my car, Robert gave me this definition, “Time shifted consumption of content,” which means listening to your audiobooks and podcast in the car or during your daily walk. Thank you Robert! Baynard shared TeacherTube with me, http://www.teachertube.com/index.php and the fact that I can record Alice output. Baynard and Robert, thank you both for being the people in the audience I could look at for support. They both shook their heads and looked like they were listening to my every word. Thank you!

Social Computing in the Enterprise References


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