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  • Union Station, Washington, DC

    Union Station, Washington, DC

    Union Station in Washington, DC is a beautiful building. I am updating this post because I just read an article that stated that Union Station does not have a lot of tenants in there right now as a result of the pandemic. I just wanted to share some of the pictures I had taken in…

  • Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC

  • District Wharf, Washington, DC

    District Wharf, Washington, DC

    The District (DC) Wharf is something I remember from childhood. I remember my parents going there to purchase crabs, at least I think so. The other thing I remember is going to special events at the Pier 7 Restaurant. They had a very tasty cinnamon bun. 🙂 District Wharf

  • The Metro, Washington, DC

    The Metro, the subway, the Metrorail. It elicits many emotions. Opened in 1976, according to Wikipedia, is the transit system that travels between DC, Maryland, and Virginia. I have ridden the train since it opened on and off over time. My friend and I would take the train to DC National and watch the airplanes…

  • Reflection of the Sun, Potomac Park, Washington, DC, 2011-11-01

    During a walk that started at Potomac Park, continued to the Jefferson Memorial, and went by the Franklin Roosevelt Memorial I got these shots of the time right before sunset. The photographs don’t display how beautiful the sky was that night.

  • US Capitol, Washington, DC, 2015-05-09

     5/9/2015 My husband and I go to downtown DC quite a bit. I usually am taking pictures and he patiently walks behind and enjoys the city. These pictures were taken around the US Capitol.