FreshRSS – A Feed Reader of My Own

FreshRSS – A Feed Reader of My Own

I was exploring ways to add an RSS feedreader to my WordPress site and installed PressForward. I was looking for a replacement for my Inoreader subscription. PressForward is a great tool, but a little more than I needed. I could see the benefits for organizations with multiple people that curate, comment on, and publish articles. After exploring more, I found FreshRSS – “A free, self-hostable feed aggregator.


I used my hosting provider’s cPanel and Softaculous installer to install the instance. This was quick and easy.


I exported my subscriptions from Inoreader as an OPML file. I imported the subscriptions into FreshRSS. The import created all of the folders and added all subscriptions that I had in Inoreader.

Mobile Access

I discovered that there is a mobile app that I could use and you have to turn on the Mobile API to enable this. I Enabled the API in FreshRSS in FreshRSS. I downloaded the NetNewsWire iOS app. I setup an API password password in FreshRSS. In the FreshRSS settings, I added the FreshRSS account which included my username, API password, and and API URL.


  • I am hosting my own RSS reader!
  • All of my subscriptions and folders are in my RSS reader.
    • I probably could have exported starred articles, there was another export that was available but I didn’t take it.
  • I can access my RSS reader using a mobile app.
  • I cannot save an article as I could in Inoreader.
    • Maybe I can, I just need to read a little more.
    • I can bookmark an article.



I just really like that fact that I can host my own RSS reader. That is very liberating!





6 responses to “FreshRSS – A Feed Reader of My Own”

  1. Shelby DeNike Avatar

    @tmichellemoore I have been running FreshRSS for a while in #Docker on my home server. But I use the ( on #iOS and #macOS to tap into it rather than using the web interface. The combo works great for me, and I think FreshRSS will work great for you too!
    Reeder 5

  2. Michelle Moore Avatar

    @shelby Nice! I like it so far! How do you save an article, if you have that need? I know I can bookmark, but want something more like Pocket or Instapaper. I can use Safari’s Reading List or OneNote but just curious.

  3. Michelle Moore Avatar

    @shelby I see the Reeder App has a Read Later feature that saves to iCloud. That might be the solution.

  4. Michelle Moore Avatar

    @blackvoid @shelby Nice article! I will read it fully. Seems like I need to look at the Reeder App with both of your recommending it!

  5. John Luther Avatar

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