Category: Eldercare

  • Selling, Gifting, or Providing Inheritance to Children on a Property

    I was asked to lookup information on the implications of selling, gifting, or providing inheritance to children on a property. I am not a lawyer or accountant, so I looked up the answer and found resources that can contribute to the correct answer for the person, but I can’t provide a conclusive answer. The main…

  • Clothing and Snack Order

    Recently I had to order clothing for someone in a nursing home. The person wanted items that were black or grey. They have a wide foot and I have always found wide New Balance tennis shoes work for me. This person is very particular and was ok with the items. 2 Packs of Small Camisoles…

  • Dementia Resources

    Dementia Seven Stages of Dementia | Symptoms & Progression Alzheimer’s and Dementia: What’s the Difference? Hospice Hospice Care and What is Hospice? Death Hospice Aide: Common Signs of Approaching Death. Video A. FSCC Hospice Aide.