#TK10 Notes from MetLife M-Learning Case Study: From Pilot toEnterprise Implementation

Mobile learning – any knowledge shared through a mobile device (blackberry, iphone, smart phones, pda).


  • Internal search, vendors, platforms
  • Sales would be a good group to start with.
  • Marketing product updates might be a good target also.
  • What are the business drivers and needs that make mobile learning a possible deliver medium?
  • Business Needed/Users Wanted

    • Their groups liked Push vs Pull.
    • Offline access
    • Secure content
    • End-user ease of use
    • Developer ease of use
    • Content delivery and completion verification

      • What type of content and tracking needs will your business require?

        • Informal-Content that does not need to be assessed.
        • Formal – Content that is asssessed or tracked. Reporting of learner progress is essential to the project.
        • Does it need to be tracked in the employee’s learning history?
        • This directly affects the worflows, partnerships and technology integration for your organization.
        • Target Audience for the Pilot

          • Institutional Sales
          • 500 Associates
          • Geographically displersed
          • Limited office days

Technology Assessment

  • Standard issued device
  • Tool Selection

    • Needs: Push technology, BlackBerry compatible, offline access, minimal end-user involvedment, easty to use development tool, secure content
    • Narrowed to two vendors

      • Chalk (access is offline)
      • HotLava (online – link in email to an online server)
  • Their selection ended up being Chalk


  • Key partners could be:

    • divisions in the organization
    • Customers
    • Procurement
    • Legal
    • BlackBerry Engineering (to help identify what an end user has, internal)
    • IT Risk-(Secure content)
    • Goal of the Pilot

      • The pilot was designed to test the capabilities of the issued BlackBerrys.

        • Presentation (with and without audio)
        • Podcast
        • Vodcast
        • Level one survey
        • Assessment (next implementation)
  • Identified Pilot participants

    • Employess in their benefits deparment
    • Agents
  • Created mLearning accounts on mLearning tool
  • Coordination with the MetLife Management and Field Team
  • Communications created and tailored for target audiences
  • Pilot Results

    • All delivery types were delivered
    • Validated streangths of the push model
    • Validated concerns about the older model
    • Confirmed the capabilities of the new models
    • Target audience was very positive about the new delivery medium
    • The pilot achieved and exceeded their buisness expectations
    • Roles & Responsibilities – Enterprise Use

      • Learning & Development consultant
      • Project lead
      • BlackBerry Engineer
      • Content developer
      • mLearning Administrator
      • Support

        • End User
        • Technology
        • HR production Ops (LMS) using People Soft 8.81
        • Developmet
        • Procurement/Legal
        • Results/Deliverables

          • mLearning Support Website
          • FAQ page on L & D Website
          • Partnerships with Service Delivery Center, HR Production Operations, and BlackBerry Engineering
          • Creation of  MSA with RIM and Chalk
          • Content Types/Templates

            • Text and Graphics only
            • Podcasts
            • Vodcast
            • Used style guidelines for presentations and electronic media, their Creative services created this
            • Communications Strategy

              • Communications plans created for:
              • L & D
              • Sales Org
              • Evaluation

                • Based on whether the learning is formal or informal
                • Informal – completion status
                • Formal

                  • Tracking data from LMS


  • Implementation of a new delivery medium
  • Does not replace elearning or instructor led
  • Documentation produced
  • Workflows created

Course Content Thoughts for Mobile Learning

  • Courses can’t be any longer than 3 minutes
  • Excellent for supplemental learning
  • Small parts






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