The Metro, Washington, DC

The Metro, the subway, the Metrorail. It elicits many emotions.

Opened in 1976, according to Wikipedia, is the transit system that travels between DC, Maryland, and Virginia. I have ridden the train since it opened on and off over time. My friend and I would take the train to DC National and watch the airplanes when we were in high school.

When I left the school system I rode the subway to Arlington everyday for a few years. On the first day of my job at the Ballston stop I got off the train and said to myself, “Oh no, I have given up my teaching kingdom! What if these people aren’t what they seemed?”

Now it’s 11 years later. My new co-workers were just fine. I am not with the same company. But I do use the subway occasionally. I have to go back down there when I go to the dentist. I won’t give them up.

Last year, during my year off, I discovered that the subway is actually sort of beautiful. Even if you are being kicked off the broken train, if you look up there are lines, forms, and textures. Over time I have taken pictures down there and I especially like the ceilings. When I got my first DSLR one of my first goals was to take a picture from the mezzanine.

Next time you are down there, take a look up and pull out your cell phone camera and take a few pictures. You will find some beauty in there.





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