Teamwork and Elearning

I worked with a great group of people for the last three days. We were “sequestered” and working on developing an elearning module using Captivate, Presenter, PowerPoint, video, audio, document data files, and graphics.

Our group was past forming, storming, norming, and were defintely performing. We have many lessons learned and will be documenting them asap. All of the personalities meshed and everyone learned something new.

Our secondary goal was to see if given the dedicated time could we accomplish the goal. We still have a little work to do on our product, but it is definitely high quality. I believe if given the same amount of time and information, and a little more technical know how, we could finish a product in the given time.

So, this weeks activities have left me with some questions:
Could I develop an elearning module by myself in the same amount of time given most of the assets?
What is the best way to present information in elearning?
Are recorded webinars effective learning since the words are in the screen and mostly being read (in most of the ones I have seen)?
Will instructor led training be displaced by elearning? (I doubt it!)
How can you represent some topics through graphics?
Will all of the rest of the teams I work with be as pleasant?






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