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What is your #1 fallacy of #Agile Software Development? I’ll go first: Agile will solve all our problems. #Software #programming

The #1 fallacy of #Agile Software Development is that there are no waterfall elements involved. In other words there is a schedule and there IS a due date. (Ideally those dates and the schedule would be determined by Agile planning (bottom up) rather than specified (top down).


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  1. @tmichellemoore Disagree. If one is really facing a fixed, immovable due date (Note: most are arbitrarily set by some stakeholder, who’s often unaware of queuing theory and related bodies of knowledge), one can use probabilistic forecasting to calculate a scope and the probability of making that scope by that date using Monte Carlo Simulations.Hence there’s no upfront planning, not to mention scheduling (which is even worse), needed.Here’s a starting point:
    Why You Need Probabilistic Forecasting as a Project Manager | Nave

  2. @bbak I think we actually agree. In that model it appears that plant of past project data was used to come up with the date. My response assumed that the date was an arbitrary date set by a stakeholder without input from the team or a tool.

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