Project Journal: IndieWeb Webmentions: Planning

As part of my IndieWeb projects, I am learning about Webmentions. This is just a quick update to say that I am still reading and looking at videos. I also setup a sandbox to test whether I could send a Webmention to myself and it was successful. By tomorrow I hope to have a plan documented to accomplish the following-

  • Learn About Webmentions a Little More Deeply
  • Successfully Use the IndeWeb and Webmentions Plugin to Send Webmentions
  • Create A Model Post for RSVPs
  • The Post Can Use some HTML, but I don’t want that to be the primary content.
  • Learn How to Make a Custom Block Pattern
  • Ideally from Scratch But if Not, I will use a plugin if this takes to long.
  • Test the RSVP
  • Test Again
  • Get Advice from the IndieWeb Community on Naming, Sharing, etc.
  • Share in the WordPress Pattern Library.
  • If this is successful, I will create one to reply to a website post.

There will be more but they will require additional plugins. I will also need to update my original IndieWeb plan.

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