Travel Photography

Philips Collection Degas Exhibit

I went to the Philips Collection Degas exhibit on December 11, 2011.The pictures were beautiful and definitely showed his passion for movement and ballet.It brought back thoughts of when I took ballet as a little girl. All that I remember is having cute pink ballet slippers, a leotard, and the fluffy outfit. I remember first position. I don’t remember much more. But seeing the pictures, I was thinking how hard it is to actually be a ballerina. It is a lot of hard work and then in the end your career probably doesn’t last for the length of time that a “normal” career last because of the strain on your body.I wish that I was the type of writer that can describe a picture to you in words, but at this point I am not. Suffice it to say there was plenty of detail, plenty of color, and lots of action in the paintings.

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