Philadelphia Museum of Art Membership, 2009-05-24

My husband and I recently went to Philadelphia. During that visit we went to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I don’t remember why we went to the PMA, but I am so glad we did! During that time there was a special Cezanne exhibit in progress. The tickets were sort of pricey so my husband and I decided to purchase a Supporter level membership. This membership would get us into the museum, the exhibit, a discount on parking, and entry into 50 other museums around the country.I am so glad we did this. The Cezanne exhibit sparked an interest in art in us. I have always enjoyed looking at the “pretty” pictures, but while looking at the art, something changed. The exhibit included artwork from Cezanne but then it also included art from other artists that were influenced by Cezanne. The other artists’ works ranged from works that were very similar to something more modern to more abstract to one that was a big blue swath that was to represent the water in the original painting. As we viewed the art the spark of interest started. I was so fascinated by the original works and the interpretations. I now want to learn more about the artists lives and why they painted a particular painting. Why is the painting dark, how did they make the veins in Socrates’ feet show up, why does the head in look so crazy, why didn’t they put clothes on those ladies, was chubby in vogue during those times, were all of those men really that muscular, how did they make the colors so vivid, did they really just throw paint on a canvas, why do I like this picture? As we go on our museum and art journey, I hope to find the answers to those questions and explore a whole new world which is accessible to all.




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