IndieWeb and WordPress

The Terms

I am researching the concept of the IndieWeb and POSSE (definitions below).

The IndieWeb is a people-focused alternative to the “corporate web”.


POSSE is an abbreviation for Publish (on your) Own Site, SyndicateElsewhere, the practice of posting content on your own site first, then publishing copies or sharing links to third parties (like social media silos) with original post links to provide viewers a path to directly interacting with your content.


My Actions

I have always recommended that the hub of all activity should be my customer’s website. When I was the President of the ATD DC Chapter, I also always recommended that our website contain the full articles and announcements and that our email newsletter summarized the topics and pointed back to the website. BUT I never knew there was a name for this. And of course, did not fully implement in my own world.

In learning about the IndieWeb, I saw that Chris Aldrich also had videos on how to setup WordPress to help implement this. I listened and did find a little hiccup. Some of the recommended plugins don’t support Gutenberg and there are two recommended themes. I like Gutenberg and I like to try to work with the WordPress theme associated with the latest release. I really like the concept of Microformats and that is a plugin that requires the classic editor. I submitted a support question on the topic of the Twenty Twenty-Three theme supporting Post Formats from the past and have not received a reply yet.

At this point, I am going to review the videos again and write down my IndieWeb implementation requirements. I will base my requirements on the constraints that I am imposing regarding keeping the Twenty Twenty Three (or latest) theme and using Gutenberg.

The Videos

Chris’s video’s are below.

IndieWeb with WordPress Tutorial: IndieWeb plugin and h-card
IndieWeb with WordPress Tutorial: Themes and Microformats






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