Howard Community College, Columbia, MD, 12/04/2021

We haven’t been to Howard Community College for a walk recently as there is construction in their parking lot near the track. So we just go when when know the visitors parking won’t be in question. With that said, we went for a walk there today and saw what we believe is the same hawk we have seen before. Where was my telephoto lens? In the trunk of course. 😊 So on that subject, I just give up on bird and moving animal photography. My lens is to short. But mostly I am not fast enough for it. I will take snapshots for the record. I will stick with trees, forests, oceans, and cities.

To get back on target, we saw a gopher or ground hog, a deer, a flock of geese, a blue jay, and a cardinal. What a jackpot!

We saw a gopher or ground hog climb over a fence.

We saw a deer, poor thing, that looked like he was injured.

We saw evidence of a beaver.

I heard a squirrel fight. Three of them were together and apparently in a disagreement.

Thankfully all of the algae was not in the pond.

And of course we saw the old tree.

The temperature was awesome. What a jackpot!





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