How do I select a pilot project with a good chance of success? What functions does social learning support well? #TK10

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What functions does social learning support well?


  • How does SL support efficient consumption?

    • Use feedback such as visits, ratings, comments, and reviews to help learners identify and find the most useful learning content.
    • Which SL tools support consumption?

      • Views, Votes, Polls, Ratings, Tags, Comments, Group “games” MMORGs/simulations/scenarios
      • Some LMS’s have these tools

Collaboration and Co-Creation

  • Crowd sourcing
  • How does SL support collaboration?

    • Use the wisdom of the crowd to gather dispersed expertise or use “read/write” web to support collaboration.
    • Wikipedia
    • Which SL tools support creation and/or collaboration

      • Blogs
      • User-generated content (binary uploads)
      • Discussion boards
      • Wikis (and collaborative documents)


  • Social connect, getting people together with a question and an answer
  • How does SL support Connections?

    • Connect peers and experts to form groups for sharing and collaboration.
    • Which SL tools support connections?

      • Personal profiles
      • Microblogs
      • Socialcast
      • Yammer
      • Groups





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