Failure Funerals

A friend of mine commented on the 4 Powerful Team Building Exercises article by David Burkus. The author suggested that we have “Failure Funerals.”

I replied with the following on LinkedIn near 11/15/2022.

I agree with your real world words for a “failure funeral.” As for the blame that is mentioned in the article, I wonder if better planning and stakeholder support could help eliminate the failed projects. In other words, maybe that team building needed to start at hello, my name is X and here is how I would like for this product/project to work. Oh and hello my name is Y and I fully support your project and will be a champion all along the way. And then having that team discussion about the reality, risks, and opportunities of the project. In other words, the failure funeral is way too late. Team Building needed to start before the project started.





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