Vegan Fail 2012 #vegan

It is almost time for our 2013 resolutions and it is time again for me to confess how I have failed again at my quest to eat a 100% vegan diet.

I of all people should know better. My husband is a personal trainer and a true vegan and I have read enough articles and books to know the benefits of a vegan diet. Below, I am going to outline where I fail in an attempt to do better next year. The sub-bullets are what I propose to do to help myself next year to resist temptation.

Food Purchased for Me Situations

  • Metro DC ASTD Dinner Programs

    • Issue – There are times where I don’t want to just eat a salad and the choices are usually a meat and a pasta. The pasta tends to have dairy on it or in it.
    • Solutions – Give in and eat the salad and vegetables. Order a dinner from the restaurant in the hotel.
  • Metro DC ASTD Board Meetings

    • Issue – When I go to LaMadeleine for the EC meetings I sometimes can’t resist stuff with eggs in it.
    • Solution – Resist. This will be easy since this is my last year on the board.
  • Lunches at Work brought in for All Day Meetings

    • Issue – The choices (COSI, Booeymonger) are usually a sandwich with melted cheese that is impossible to remove from the bread or a salad that has cheese mixed in. On top of that I shouldn’t even be eating the bread because the yeast causes issue for me.
    • Solutions –  Be sure to get to the person ordering the lunch to ask for the cheese to be on the side. I miss Jennifer, she always did this for me. Or buy my own lunch. This really would be bring my own lunch because we usually have working lunches.
  • Visits to relatives houses

    • Issue – Sometimes it is just hard to resist macaroni and cheese and other items that taste really good.
    • Solution – Resist but never insult anyone. Although I have a goal, I am never going to insult a host by not eating their food. It is easy to explain that I don’t eat meat but to explain the no eggs, no dairy, no honey is another thing when talking to an older person. I will never insult an older host if they are persistent.
  • Accidents

    • Issue – If you put your Starbucks order on the piece of paper with 10 other people, you may accidentally get a Chai Tea Latte with Milk instead of Soy Milk. I could tell upon the first sip. Yuk.
    • Solution – Either resist or take the chance.

Sugar Addiction

  • Sometimes when I am out, I totally forget and will buy a dessert from one of the many delicious bakeries around where I live and usually these are not vegan bakeries.

    • Issue – The chocolate ganache cupcake from Georgetown Cupcakes is pretty delicious. If there is no line, I will forget my Vegan Quest and buy one. The desserts at Leslie’s Cakes are great and I like frequenting this non-chain bakery. She has beautiful cakes.
    • Solution – Resist and see if there is any dessert at Leslie’s Cakes that might be vegan.

Pure Choice

  • When I go out to dinner with my friend Deadra, I always seem to get something with cheese in it. And I know the consequences that will occur, as I tell her, I will become gurgly. The other day we went to Founding Farmers and I just gave up and had the fish and chips.

    • Issue – We have gone to so many different restaurants that I want to try what is on the menu.
    • Solution – Listen to Deadra. She tries to warn me. 🙂

The good news is that if I am at home and cooking I don’t get into these situations.

Percentage of Vegan Meals

By my calculation I may have eaten non-vegan food 78 times this year.

If you do this calculation 365 days x 3 meals = 1095

1095 meals – 78 non-vegan meals or snacks = 1017

1017 vegan meals / 1095 total meals = 92.8%

Hmmm, as I look at this 92.8% isn’t that bad. But I am going to try even harder. In my next post I am going to explain why and provide some resources that point to why a vegan diet is a better way to go than the standard American diet (SAD).

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