My 50 Year Haircut

For those that don’t know, my hair has been natural since 1993. I have had a few trims but this is the first real haircut where there was noticeable length cut off. I am not going through a mid-life crisis 🙂 but I thought it was time to make a change. Below you will see the transformation from a lot of hair that has been very unmanageable for a very long time to something that I hope will be much more manageable. In all actuality I probably needed to use more than that dime size of product that they always tell you to use on those many bottles of hair stuff that I have purchased over the years. 🙂

I walked in with a bun and got a lot cut off. I hope that having a proper layered cut will help when I want to try one of those fancy hairdos in a few weeks. My cut was done at the Aveda Bethesda salon by Dina who I would highly recommend.

Bethesda, MD, USA

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