So this year we have gone through a change. My husband and I moved from our house of 13 years into an apartment. The move was designed to reduce my commute to work. In our previous home I had a 12 mile drive to the subway station. In normal circumstances this should take about 12-15 minutes. Faithfully each day, especially in the evening, it would take about 30 minutes or more. There were traffic jams everyday. I could never leave home after 6:30 am to get to work.

Well, after much thought and questioning (are we doing the right thing?), we finally decided to take the plunge. On October 7, 2011 we moved to a one bedroom apartment in an urban suburban location. We are loving it!

All was not perfect because we figured that we would just get an air mattress for our daughter when her college breaks arrived. Well, she had to come home for two weeks prematurely because of a medical emergency. We were slightly crowded a little sooner than we thought but we survived. We are considering a move to a two bedroom before the summer break.

We moved to a neighborhood called Bethesda. Bethesda has over 100 restaurants, stores, many day spas, and a subway stop that is two blocks from our apartment.

Bethesda is a very walkable neighborhood. Our previous neighborhood is beautiful to walk around because they basically tried to design the neighborhood with nature in mind. I could not get up the desire to walk around the neighborhood though. Here I am much more inclined to walk. More importantly, I get home in time to be able to walk!

I can leave for work anytime between 7-8am and get to work at a decent time, I love it!

Are there flaws, sure, to many people own dogs in the building and though the dogs are great the owners have issues. 🙂 Do we have enough space? Another bathroom and one more room would be nice, but it doesn’t matter. I love it!

If you ever visit Bethesda, check out It shows many of the stores, restaurants, and services that are available here. I especially like the farmer’s markets that are on Saturdays in the summer and Sundays all year.

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