Aveda Bethesda Salon and Spa

On Saturday, I had the second day of what has been a great Christmas gift from my husband. A trip to the Aveda Bethesda Salon and Spa.

During the week after Christmas it started with a visit to Michel Cohen. Michel fixed up my eyebrows. I asked her for the perfect eyebrow that I had seen on an Oprah show many years ago. She mentioned that the guest on the show was probably Anastasia, she was correct. The perfect eyebrow does not look like a frog eyebrow of which someone did that to me once before. She did her magic all the while with a very pleasant personally and ripping the tiny little hairs out of my face at the same time. In the end I didn’t even remember the slight pain. They looked great and coincidentally there was no redness. I have seen that happen to my daughter.
On Saturday, I had part two of the visit.

It started off at 1:30 for my 1:45 appointment. I was already impressed because I have been to hair salons where nothing is ever on time. Ms. Roa got me in her chair and started to fix up my hands. She rubbed all kind of stuff on them, trimmed, buffed, placed them in parrafin wax and when she finished I had ten beautiful red nails. Ms. Roa is a very sweet lady. Through the time I was there customers were coming back to say hello, hug her, tell her they loved her and such. As I saw this, I knew I had found my manicurist for life.

After the manicure, Ms. Roa had me sit in another chair that was up off the ground. She first scrubbed my feet with a substance that looked like sugar and oil. She filed and clipped my toenails and then put them in a warm bubbly bath. She then proceeded to scrub the year of neglect off my heels. Suffice it to say that even if there was a little pain (what would you expect with foot neglect?) it was all worth it in the end. The result beautiful heels and nice red toenails. In the picture you are supposed to see the smooth heel not the red toes. Really, I should have taken a before picture. 🙂

So then came the hair. Martha came to get me so that she could wash my hair. Martha’s hands are stronger than a vice grip (I was having a hard time thinking of an example). The shampoo felt so good. After this under the dryer I went with conditioner in my hair. At every moment I was offered a drink of water or some tea. Martha finally washed the shampoo out and off I went to Dina.

When I made my appointment I told them that I was African American and had natural shoulder length hair. Dina, I was told, was the one to see. Well that was so true. Dina proceeded to blow dry my hair and then actually told me how much she would cut off, this was a miracle in itself because I know many of you have had the I only want you to trim it and end up with the three inch hair cut experice before. Dina proceeded to educate me about why my flatiron process is going wrong, I am not drying my hair all of the way at the roots. She explained that the blow drying is the most important part of the process. My experience with Dina was an education and very pleasant through the rest of the conversation we had. As I saw the results, I knew I had found my hair stylist for life.

There is one more person, Asa the manager. Asa helped book all of my appointments. She did it professionally and knew what needed to be done to have these three services in one day.
I still can’t believe how good my feet look. Now, I won’t be going back evey two weeks, I can’t maintain that, but I think I can manage four times a year considering this cost the same as a low end car payment. Many of my friends have their nails done frequently, so maybe I will get my nails done once a month.

When I walked out at 5:45, needless to say, I was happy. Overall, my experience was an A+ experience.

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