2013 Year of More Photography

During our trip to San Francisco in September I took way to many pictures, about 1,623 to be exact. Before the trip I purchased a Canon Rebel EOS T3 DSLR camera. I read the manual for the camera, tried to cram on how to compose a picture, use the aperture,  change the shutter speed and much more. By the time I got out there all of the information turned to mush and I used the automatic settings a lot. I did try to experiment with the aperture settings a little.

Internal Debate: Taking the Perfect Shot the First Time vs Post-Processing

Before I left I also had a few internal debates regarding Taking the Perfect Shot the First Time or Post Processing.

Somewhere I read that Ansel Adams actually did post-processing when he developed his real film. So, I thought if it was good enough for Ansel, it is good enough for me. As I was writing this, I looked that quote up and found that I was not the originator of that sentiment. Apparently this is a debate that people have in real life, I found two blog posts that seem to represent the essence of the debate.

“Mr. Adams used post processing as a tool to bring his creative vision to a print –he did not use it as a crutch to compensate for poor technique… 

If you are justifying your post processing by claiming that Ansel Adams did it, or would have done it, then you are taking the man completely out of context! A big part of being a photographer is learning about all of the things that influence an image before you press the shutter release.”

“Is it cheating?

And at the end of the day the digital darkroom (post processing software) is a modern extension of the original darkroom, and even has some of the darkroom techniques (or digital versions of) like dodge and burn and unsharp mask included in it.

I think the digital darkroom is just the next evolution of the original darkroom.”

The Decision

I agree with both John and Mandy! I decided to take so many pictures that by sheer luck I should have at least one picture that was a beautiful picture. Remember all of the things I read moved right out of my head as we flew the 6 hours to get there and started to experience the beauty of San Francisco and the surrounding areas! 
Thus 2013 will be the Year of More Photography. I will keep learning about photography (actually re-learning, my father had a 35mm camera when I was younger that he would let me use and I have actually developed real film two times in my life) so that I can take a great shot with little need of post-processing BUT also I would like to be creative with my photos because I will never be Picasso, Matisse, or Renoir and this might be the closest I can get to being an artist. 🙂

A Picture

Below is a picture of the Transamerica  Pyramid with an older building in front of it. If you know the name of the older building, please let me know. I thought it was a decent shot. I love the contrast of the old with the new. And also love black and white photos. So the photo below has been processed in Snapseed with the Black & White – Contrast setting. 
Transamerica Pyramid, San Fancisco
Transamerica Pyramid, San Franciso, 9/2012

San Francisco, CA, USA

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