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Blog Tasks- Selecting my Blog Platform, Domain Name, and Blog Host


One of the first recommendations from many of the resources is to selecting a domain name and a host for your blog. I had already selected the services.

GoDaddy Domain Name and Hosting for my personal blog:

  • Domain Name
  • Hosting
  • Blogging Platform
  • Why
    • I have always had a domain name and hosting with GoDaddy to use for experimenting or testing.
    • I use the email addresses that come with my domain for testing applications at work.
    • It offered WordPress hosting through the CPanel.
    • WordPress, the blogging platform I selected is the one that most of my fellow bloggers will be using.

Squarespace for Domain Name and Hosting of my photography blog

  • Domain Name
    • The Viable View (
    • This name was selected because viable means vivid, real, practical, and expandable.
      • I want my photography and my photography blog to be viable.
  • Hosting
  • Blogging Platform
  • Why
    • I used Squarespace when I was Director of Technology for the Metro DC ATD Chapter.
    • Many technology podcasts advertise for Squarespace which lends credibility to the company.
    • Many blog posts recommend either WordPress or Squarespace as a blogging platform.
    • I tried the trial and love the platform because of the simplicity.
    • I have created websites in HTML, I have developed websites using Dreamweaver and Frontpage, I have used WordPress before and am familiar with the multitude of plug-ins.
      • I don’t have to have an overly complicated blog.
    • I loved the theme choices that were available.

Starting a Blog References

There are many sites that offer recommendations on how to start a blog. As you can see actually started this blog long ago. But one can always learn.

Next Steps

  • I will be updating this post with additional resources related to starting a blog.
    • I will also add a page of references.
  • The next steps for this blog are to select the Theme and fix up the old posts.
    • The Viable View is using the Avenue theme.
  • Ongoing – learning more about photography.


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