Made it to the gym…

My New Year’s resolution is still in effect.

I bought that gym membership today

And actually went to the gym this evening. And so did everyone else! But this stuff does not contribute to my efforts, but it sure tastes pretty good.

Personal Blog

Recently I thought about it and figured out that my photography blog is really a travel and photography blog. So I decided that it is time to make a formal photography and web design web site and move some of my photography to the business side. This blog will truly be a personal blog of […]

Blog Tasks- Selecting my Blog Platform, Domain Name, and Blog Host

Selections One of the first recommendations from many of the resources is to selecting a domain name and a host for your blog. I had already selected the services. GoDaddy Domain Name and Hosting for my personal blog: Domain Name Michelle’s Eclectic Blog ( Hosting GoDaddy Blogging Platform WordPress Why I have always had a […]

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